ALW Slovakia, s. r. o.

Company ALW Slovakia was founded in 1997. Its main activity is focused to the production of die-castings from aluminium and zinc alloys, including the production of tools and castings processing.

The basic characteristics of ALW Slovakia's products are their accuracy, shape complexity and requirements for high quality. In many cases, these are decorative parts of car interiors and exteriors.

Most of the products are for the automotive industry, but the company also has experience with supplies for general engineering, components for electrotechnical, hydraulic and pneumatic units and the like.

The mission of the company is to provide its customers with a comprehensive service, from cooperation on the development of the part, development and production of tools in its own tool shop, through the production of castings to their possible processing by machining, grinding, powder coating and assembly into subassemblies. The main customers of ALW Slovakia are Tier 1 global automotive industry companies. Its deliveries go to the countries of Central and Western Europe, and recently also to America, Asia and Africa.